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Bubba Kush (Pre98) – The legendary “clone-only” Pre-98 Bubba Kush is one of the early Kush strains that started Kushmania in the 2000’s. Famous for its strong Indica dominant high, Bubba Kush is a connoisseur favorite due to its distinct Kush taste and earthy, sweet, flavor with … TH Cannabis Seeds | The CHOICE SeedBank TH Seeds T.H.Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed company in Holland, it was created in 1993. It started in the “Cannabis In Amsterdam” (C.I.A): Cannabis information head office, a world famous seed bank, the first marijuana store in Europe and according to the author of Marijuana Botany: Robert C. Clarke "The epicenter of the Cannabis Weed Nap by Cannarado Genetics - Oaseeds Purely Cannarado genetics create this gem. Taller phenos lean towards the chem/kush side. Shorter phenols will be grapes and sugar milk. 65 – 70 day flower time

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TH Cannabis Seeds | The CHOICE SeedBank

Cannarado is always striving to keep the best coming out from under their lights. The last 2 decades of breeding has been a passion to them just as much as sharing their creations. Cannarado Genetics hopes people can find something they truly cherish from their work.

Kannabia Seeds - Kama Kush CBD Genetika: Odrůda KUSH X CBD Odrůda TYP: indica CBD: 2:1 Prostředí: indoor/outdoor Feminizovaná Semena země původu: Španělsko založení v roce: 2005 Seedstockers - O.G. Kush Genetika: O.G KUSH TYP: indica Prostředí: indoor/outdoor Feminizovaná Semena země původu: Španělsko Konopná mast čistá (90mg CBD - 80 ml) Manufaktura konopného táty nabízí ručně vyráběné konopné masti, které vycházejí z receptur našich předků. Jedinečný technologický postup výroby umožňuje dostat do masti maximální množství účinných látek… OG Kush Auto CBD by Dinafem is a phenomenal autoflowering medicinal OG Kush variant with many of the OG’s traits making her a top choice for medicinal users.

SeedFinders alphabetical list of all known cannabis-seeds (C - Ch as first letter). You can order by type, breeder, flowering time or commercial availability. Detailed strain descriptions, link to the breeder and much more information.

JJ Kush / Cannarado Genetics strain info - GrowDiaries JJ Kush , 65-70 days, high yields, utilizing an elite stardawg clone we pollinated her with the white to just see what may happen. Well it was a success as we are seeing massive frosted chem flowers full … Cannarado Genetics Feminized Cannabis Seeds Buy Cannarado Genetics Feminized Cannabis Seeds now from the offical distributor PureSativa.com including a Free Gift with every order.