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Established in 1940, it has become one of the leading companies in the Spanish meat industry, with more than 900 employees at nine production and logistics sites. To meet the resulting demands, the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) is creating a professorship for #digitalfarming, supported by the association Friends of Digital Farming e.V. Nevertheless, many working people must commute to work, to the industrial operations in Kaiserslautern and to the mines in the Saarland, even to smaller centres like Landstuhl and Homburg. Kusel lies on the Kuselbach in Rhineland-Palatinate's southwest, in the North Palatine Uplands roughly 30 km northwest of Kaiserslautern. At the lower level of administration, the two villages belonged to the Bürgermeisterei (“Mayoralty”) of Konken, the Canton of Kusel and the Landkommissariat (later Bezirksamt and then Kreis or district) of Kusel. In 1914, Basalt AG, Linz am Rhein bought up the quarries. A transport problem lay in the stones’ having to be laboriously carted overland to the railway stations in Kreimbach or Altenglan, but this was solved in 1919 with the opening of a…

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